​​Cultivate Solutions is a corporate governance, board and strategy advisory business with expertise in not-for-profit businesses and working with small-medium businesses.  We have expertise in corporate governance, project management, strategic planning, regional planning, communications and media, government and stakeholder relations and regional governance.  We look forward to discussing your needs, and working with you to cultivate solutions.

Our Clients


Cultivate Solutions provided an holistic approach - rather than focusing on the obvious elements. Cultivate Solutions ensures the client understands the linkages and ramifications of the action(s) being recommended. This professional approach is clearly enunciated and efficiently delivered. Thank you for the great work and the resulting benefits we have achieved from your commission.
Mr Michael Milston, Chairman, Western Research Institute

Cultivate Solutions were "very professional and did everything asked of them at every step of the consultancy. A pleasure to work with and would recommend them to any organisation and invite any clients of prospective clients to contact me directly for a reference."
Mr Ian Davison, Managing Director, Country Advertising Agency

Mark possesses the invaluable ability of being able to filter out the background noise… to then focus on innovative solutions that are clear and concise and quantifiable.
Ms Juliet Duffy, Managing Director, EnviroScience

Mark "has an enviable grasp of both detail and the broader context of any issue. Mark is very adept at building stake-holder relationships and then maintaining connections and communications. He represented the University very effectively at all levels of government to pursue the establishment of the Dental School and then the possibility of a medical school. He exerts suasion effectively but gently. I have always impressed by his grasp of strategy, the obvious intelligence and cleverness he brought to any situation and his strong sense of ethics and integrity ... During my time with Charles Sturt University, working with, and learning from, Mark Burdack was a highlight"
Dr Kathryn Pitkin, AM, Deputy Chancellor, Charles Sturt University

I worked very closely with Mark throughout the CSU rebranding program ... He understands that the brand is so much more then the logo and he endeavours to embed the brand and its meaning throughout the institution. This is the sign of a person who deeply understands the value of the brand and its role in bringing the strategy to life".
Mr Dan Ratner  Managing Director, UberBrand